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Rubber bag

Rubber bag for transformer

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Rubber bag for transformer

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RB Series

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Rubber bag

In Rubber Bag the oil surface is completely isolated from the atmosphere by installing an oil-resistant rubber bag in the interior of the conservator, so that atmospheric pressure is always maintained without the necessity of employing intervening mediums. The outside of the rubber bag attached on the inside of the conservator is filled with insulating oil, with only the breather aperture of the rubber bag being open to the atmosphere. This Rubber Bag system is an ideal device for resolving these problems by preventing the deterioration of the insulating oil.

The rubber bag must not only be resistant to oil and permeation but should demonstrate stable characteristics on all point throughout a long period of use. In order to satisfy these conditions, a nitrile rubber sheet specially treated for strength and in non-permeation characteristics is used.
The HANSOLTECH Rubber Bag made from this rubber sheet possesses superior abrasion resistance qualities, and its superior adaptability to the constant changes in the shape of the rubber bag, due to variations in the temperature of the transformer oil, has been ascertained through actual endurance tests conducted on full-size models, so that we are recommending its use with confidence that it will give full satisfaction.

The HANSOLTECH Rubber Bag is shaped like an envelope with trimmed corners. The joints in the rubber sheet are formed through a special vulcanizing adhesion method, and the entire rubber bag may be said to be of uniform strength.


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